2019 Coach the Year Award Winners

Innovative Treatment Solutions is proud to announce the 2019 Coaches of the Year. We recognize and appreciate the unsung heroes in our country who are helping save lives, families, marriages and sanity, through their daily coaching support to those who need it. Please support our efforts to honor those you are the best of the best in our industry. The world needs to know what you do every day!

Client Success Story Winner

Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker has dedicated his life to inspiring, motivating, and adding value to everyone he encounters. His life mission is to help people unlock their strengths and fullest potential to unleash their True Warrior. “He is a True Warrior”  

Recovery coach trainer and a life coach at The Addictions Academy

His story:  Kevin has truly been to hell and back. After a major overdose he woke up with missing body parts, can you imagine that? He has bounced back and helps others recovery from the hell of addiction.  He is a True Warrior. He is a Recovery coach trainer and a life coach triangle faculty with The Addictions Academy.

One client’s story:  I got a call 4am in the morning from a young lady that her 19-year-old brother was in a paranoid schizophrenic state and he was planning to kill himself and he was worried that people were following him.  I picked up the kid In Staten Island and he was in a complete drug induced psychosis.  He thought he was being followed by gang members and the FBI. I found out later he smoked an eight ball of crack cocaine. I brought him to Hackettstown, NJ to his mother’s house, where I had hoped he would snap out of his psychotic state. I spent 12 hours with him trying to see if it would go back to normal with no success.  I quickly started calling up facilities and no place would take him on a Saturday morning in his mental state.  I found a psych ward that would take him, but I had to convince him to trust me and come with me.  He thought he was a rocket scientist, Russian mafia, a professional skateboarder, and a tattoo artist.  He was trying to call his friends who were also in a gang with him to come get him.  I convinced him that his phone was tapped so he took his SIM card out of his phone and snapped it in half.  I got him into the place, and they committed him.  His father mother and sister don’t live together, and he was playing each of them against themselves.  So, I coached the family separately and together and got them to stop enabling him. When he got out, I flew with him to a rehab facility in Florida where he got clean.  Now I’m coaching him in Florida, where he lives with his sister and he’s doing amazing.  He hasn’t touched a drug or alcohol since he was released.  He got a managerial position job in Walmart and he’s going to church.  He’s working out, eating healthier and, for the first time in his crime filled life, he’s actually happy and doing the right thing. The family and him are super grateful for what I did while working with them and I believe I saved his life.  This was one of my favorite client turnarounds that I’ve had this past year.

WRAP Facilitator Winner

Sandra McQueen Baker

“Don’t let her minute stature fool you! She’s an awesome woman, mother & friend.”

CEO at Fresh State of Miami-Dade, Florida

Sandra McQueen Baker has taken her own recovery road and worked tirelessly, shoulder-to-shoulder with Children and Families Dept to build multiple paths of recovery support for many others.   

  • She’s been CEO of Fresh Start Drop in Center (opened every day of the year), 
  • She is the Facilitator to Facilitators of W.R.A.P. Wellness Recovery Action Plan
  • Helps provide a platform for other facilities within our community and a forum by The Consumer Network meetings
  • She plays the main role to bringing Recovery in The Arts Program
  • Works with the Hope family to coordinate The Friendship Games, bringing many facilities and establishments helping the mental health community have “a day of activities, with prizes at Ty Park.”
  • She also works along with South Florida Behavioral bringing issues straight to Washington D.C. and bring, not just awareness, but new laws to fruition

Don’t let her minute stature fool you! She’s an awesome woman, mother & friend.

Youth and Family Behavioral Health Winner

Lorrin Gehring

“Lorrin is the backbone of peer support in WA she wrote the book basically!!”

YouthSound Program DirectorOlympia, Washington

Lorrin Gehring has a fun interactive knowledgeable and engaging coaching style. She is easy to approach and keeps confidences. Lorrin is truly the Certified Peer Counselor’s Counselor.

Lorrin is the backbone of peer support in Washington.  She basically wrote the book on peer support in our state!!  Lorrin created the youth partner certified peer counselor day for the youth and family curriculum. Lorrin coached about 15 youth certified peer counselors all over the state of Washington and is a well-respected c certified peer counselor trainer of both the youth and family certified peer counselor training and the adult certified peer counselor training.

Mountain States Winner

Sarah Haden

“I am so blessed to be able to able to work in the field and love what I do. I never feel like I am actually working.”

Peer Specialist at Wellpath, Aurora CO

Sarah Haden has a passion for recovery care and peer support to her patients and their recoveries. She clearly enjoys the amazing experience to be able to work with such wonderful people who just need a helping hand She continues to learn from her patients while at the same time helping them.  Sarah says, “I am so blessed to be able to able to work in the field and love what I do. I never feel like I am actually working.”

International Winner

Ian Young

“I believe that coaching as a primary addiction modality to be the method with stronger results.”

Founder & Treatment Director at the PARC, Thailand

Why coaching:  After achieving my own personal recovery from chronic alcoholism and intravenous drug use in 2001, I’ve got to a point in my professional journey where I believe moving away from specific therapy to treat addiction and into coaching as a primary addiction modality, to be the method with stronger results. But so far, what I’m noticing, is that a coaching approach to addiction treatment within a residential rehab setting is having extremely good results. 

I’ve been designing a program that looks inwardly at what’s worked for us personally (all of my senior and therapeutic staff are in personal recovery), and outwardly at what’s worked for others, without getting too distracted by what sells or what other facilities are doing to help their sales. We’ve neglected the direction most rehabs have gone with therapy heavy sessions and lots of trauma treatments and returned back to basics with a 3 pronged 12 step Minnesota model to treat the addiction specifically (emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  

Being located in Phuket, Thailand, I work with the residents in group and also one to one, moving them towards their goals rather than away from their fears. Spending too much time reminiscing around the past hasn’t shown me anything conclusive around helping people to recover. But point them in the direction they want to be going and support them to head that way absolutely makes a difference in people’s lives and their recovery journey. 

Missouri Winner

Jessica Gonzales

“Favorite part of my job is being able to help people with their journey in recovery.”

Peer Support Coordinator at FCC Behavioral Health

Jessica Gonzales was the first peer support specialist at FCC Stapleton; and she has grown tremendously in the approximately two years she has been with us.  In addition to going above and beyond for our clients, Jessica has taken on becoming the primary point of contact for all things True Mobile Health, a critical new support tool that we have adopted for both in our residential program as well as the Treatment Court program in Kennett.

Due largely in part to being instrumental in building our peer program from the ground up, as well as her willingness to jump in wherever she is needed, Jessica has been promoted to our Peer Coordinator position where she not only continues to provide our residential peer services but also supervises the peers in all of the outpatient programs.  This includes seven peer positions across five counties.  She helps to train and elevate these individuals so that they are able to provide our consumers with the same level of dedication and service that she bestows upon consumers here in our residential program.

Southern California Winner

Amparo Ostojic

 Peer Advocate at ACCESS California under Cal Voices

I love seeing people come from hopelessness to hope and empowering them to live their life according to their own self-determination.

My favorite part of my job one of my clients go from anxious quiet and shy to confident outspoken and hopeful. Helping her understand that the majority of people do what they do based on their own life experiences and perspectives. She learned to not personalize other people’s actions and allow herself to live by her own terms. Seen her flourish was rewarding.

Oregon Winner

Paul Martinis 

“To be kind and respectful to all I encounter till they can do the same.”

Peer Support Specialist, Substance Abuse Specialist at Yamhill County Health & Human Services, Oregon

Paul Martinis projects kindness and respect to everyone until they can do the same.  He is part of our ACT

Team as a substance abuse specialist. The ACT team is Assertive community treatment.   We work with people who have been committed to state and other Mental health institutions and are being released to return to the community. Paul believes that “People are trying to do the best they can, and my job is to be there to facilitate their efforts to have a life that’s worth living to them.  Also, each of us is an individual who has aspirations, wants, needs and definitions of what we want our life to look like.  What I do is come alongside the individual and provide whatever I can to facilitate their goals.” 

Peer Support Leadership Winner 

Shannon McCleery-Hooper

Shannon McCleery-Hooper believes in “the paycheck of the heart”.

Program Manager of Consumer Affairs at Riverside University Health System, California

Shannon McCleery-Hooper’s contributions to Peer Support go well beyond her responsibilities of running the entire county’s Mental Health Peer Work Force.  Ms. McCleery-Hooper regularly coaches consumers in high risk situations, and she inspires in a way nobody else can.  Her consumers appreciate how she meets them where they are at, lets them take the lead in their lives.  

Ms. McCleery-Hooper keeps the entire peer support staff focused on the company’s mission of helping and supporting consumers become the best they can be.  Shannon motivates her staff and keeps them in touch with the reason they get up in every morning to do this job.  As Shannon says, she motivates with the “paycheck of the heart”

Midwest Winner 

Grace Paton

“Grace has shown a willingness and passion for ‘meeting a person where they are”

Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coach at Recovery Café, Tippecanoe County Health department, Indiana

Grace Paton is a shiny example of what peer recovery support is. Her non-judge mental, any positive change delivery of support allows those whom she interacts with the ability to have a person-centered approach to their recovery. Grace is a fantastic asset to her community and the peer recovery profession.  Grace has shown a willingness and passion for ‘meeting a person where they are’ in their chosen recovery pathway. As a peer recovery support with the Tippecanoe County Health department’s Syringe services program, she provides vital resources and support for populations that are generally discriminated against. Grace also leads an Alternative Peer Group (APG) to ensure that youth and young adults have access to safe environments to socialize and have access to support.

National Winner

Jamie Eater

Jamie Eater works tirelessly, does pro-bono work, always ethical.

Clinical Director at Sober Escorts – national reach

Jamie has been working in the field of recovery, substance & mental health for 20 years. Her success stories are too numerous to count. She has worked with many clients that traditional treatment centers wouldn’t accept. She says engaged until her clients become independent and has worked with one particular client & family for 2+ years.  That client has now graduated 4-year university and has full time position with one of the “Big 3” accounting/consulting firms.

Jamie works tirelessly and is available to her clients 12 to 16 hours per day.  She does pro-bono work and is highly ethical.  Her clients love her heart and passion for their success.

Washington State Winner

Karen Glaittli 

“Bringing HOPE to those who may not see any.”

Certified Peer Counselor/ WRAP Facilitator Level 2, at RI International. Tacoma, WA

Karen Glaittli brings HOPE to those who may not see any. She help people realize their own potential and encourages them as they work towards accomplishing their goals. Just being there for someone who may have no one is part of who she is, and the people she supports love her for it.

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