The “Poor Tax” and Recovery Support

We have all heard the old expression “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”  Does that apply to addiction and behavioral health care, support and treatment?  Yes, it does.  But there are companies that care, like RI International, FCC in Missouri, and many other CCBHC organizations which are offering a solution.

What is the poor tax?

  • Having a low credit score leads to higher interest rates.  The poor get poorer.
  • Lack of sufficient daily or weekly cash flow leads to borrowing.  Often borrowing at extremely high interest rates.  The poor get poorer.
  • Many medical facilities decline Medicaid patients, due to weak reimbursements.  The poor get poorer.
  • Lack of sufficient cash and poor credit leads to higher deposits or cash payments for housing, transportation, and health care.  The poor get poorer.
  • The lack of funds makes it difficult to secure healthy life-style items like access to exercise, medications, healthy food and health care.  The poor get poorer.

All of these are examples of the hidden “poor tax” that is levied upon the disadvantaged in our country.  Frequently, due to no fault of their own, many Americans get caught in a downward spiral financially and in their mental health.  

Poor financial health, poor living conditions, and inadequate healthcare can lead to deteriorating health and mental health, often accompanied by addiction.  A single situation like a job lay-off, extreme health emergency or emotional crisis can lead down a path that makes a middle-class person plunge into homelessness, ill-health, despair and addiction.

  • But, you say, there is plenty of support for addiction… we’ve all seen the commercials on TV.  The rich get richer.
  • There are lots of great rehab facilities in our country.  The rich get richer.
  • Your doctor can give you medication for your mental illness or addiction.  The rich get richer.
  • Friends and family are always there to help.  The rich get richer.

The sad truth is that many in our very privileged and wealth country suffer and die in poverty, due to mental illness and addiction.  They die due to the poor tax.  

But there is help.  There are companies like RI International, FCC in Missouri, and many other support organizations that treat and support the disadvantaged.  The US legislature has created a federal grant program called Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC) that are required to provide health care, housing and addiction and behavioral health, all regardless of a person’s ability to pay.  

Let’s take opportunities like CCBHC and dissolve the poor tax and help lift these disadvantaged and downtrodden to become all they can be… healthy and productive American citizens.