Remote addiction recovery tools to improve client outcomes.

Navigation Connection 

Putting Life-Plan Navigation and
Connection at your Fingertips.

Designed For Small Independent Coaching Services

Since the one or two person coaching services cannot always afford the technology that is utilized by the corporate group, Innovative Treatment Solutions created NavCon.  NavCon provides the robust connected care app that corporations pay thousands of dollars to private label and customize.  If you’re a small coaching service or a sober living facility, we have the app and pricing plan for you.

NavCon Rate Plans

NavCon 1

The Family Plan

One Coach and one client – $35 per month 

Additional users – $15 per month

NavCon 5

The Start-up Coach Plan

One coach and four clients – $75 per month

Additional users – $13 per month

NavCon 10

The Established Coach Plan

One Coach and ten clients – $150 per month

Additional users — $12 per month

NavCon 25

The Sober Living Plan

Three coaches and 25 clients – $300 per month

Additional users – $10 per month

NavCon Features

-Daily Recovery Activities and Mood Emojis.

-Mood emoji’s help when daily duress blocks verbalizing feelings.

-Emojis range from Peaceful or Hopeful to Disconnected or Overwhelmed.


-Daily and weekly activity reminders and tracking, help keep clients on track.

-Daily and Weekly reports help rebuild trust with family and friends.

Knowing your client’s travel patterns and location allows you to access risk based upon their location and habits.  Are they at a trigger location? Family and support loves knowing that you provide the safety net of knowing that their person in recovery can be located at a time of crisis.

Consistent communication with clients is key to building a trusting relationship. Video-calling allows you to trust but verify. Simple texts allow clients to stay connected with their coach is a quick and comfortable manner.

Empower your clients with access to information. These Resources are customizable for your practice. Any URL can be included in your clients Resources.

NavCon wants to make this an easy process for you.
If you have any questions, please contact: