Successful Outcomes, Relapse Prevention, and Compliance.

Support your active or long-term treatment clients for BH peer support organizations, drug courts, and full continuum treatment provider.

Recovery counselors and coaches alike often feel at a loss after their patient is discharged. With relapse rates skyrocketing within 90 days of post-treatment, behavioral healthcare specialists are struggling to support their patients once they check out.
Innovative Treatment Solutions provides effective tools for treatment directors to help them increase their patients’ chance of a successful recovery after discharge.


65-70% of clients relapse within 90 days of post-treatment.


Relapse Prevention

ITS’ featured product, True Mobile Health, does more than help you stay in touch with your alumni. It powerfully fights relapse rates and saves lives. The app logs a client’s behavior, level of engagement with their recovery support team, and adherence to their recovery care plan. The app alerts you when it anticipates a possible relapse, allowing you to intervene before the damage is done.

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