Remote addiction recovery tools to improve client outcomes.

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Innovative Treatment Solutions provides modernized recovery services to behavioral health organizations working with individuals along the behavioral health continuum.

Connected Care App

The ITS App provides immediate, in-hand interactive tools and resources to support and engage clients at risk.

DNA-verified Drug Test

Innovative testing of matches DNA from a cheek swab to DNA from urine sample, allowing for remote monitoring with validity.

Remote Recovery Coaching

Our certified and experienced coaches leverage technology to provide excellent recovery support to clients all along the recovery continuum. We love Referrals!


The Soberlink program keeps our clients accountable and connected to their support network in a way that does not disrupt day to day life.

Next Steps to Better Recovery Support

Every facility, coach and client has unique needs and goals.  Some clients and programs need strong accountability, and we have the tools that.  Some facilities need a designated aftercare program, and we have the services for that.  Some coaches need a platform and app to help their clients to stay engaged and connected, and we have an app for that.  Lots of options to evaluate.  Your Innovative Treatment Solutions Products Consultant is ready to help you crystalize your goals and determine if there is an ITS product that is appropriate for you.  Our remote support technology, accountability testing and recovery services are designed to provide remote solutions to support a better life for clients.  We provide support to coaching services, full continuum providers, drug courts, recovery residences, direct client support and more.  All of these are utilizing different ITS products and features to enhance their care.  Let us help you determine which are the right tools for you support successful recovery.


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After reviewing our products and services, our consultant can guide you to the best option for you.


The Innovative Treatment Solutions team is ready to help you implement and take next steps toward helping make lives better… even your’s.