Remote addiction recovery tools to improve client outcomes.

Our purpose is to help people live a healthy, more fulfilling, and meaningful life.

Our Team continuously seeks out and implements better tools, products, and services 
to effectively support addiction recovery and other mental illness & wellness challenges.

We serve treatment providers at all levels of care, drug courts and recovery 
residences, as well as individuals and families needing direct recovery support.

Every facility, coach and client have unique needs and goals!

State-of-the-Art Recovery Support Services

Innovative Treatment Solutions (ITS) stands ready to help you crystalize your goals and evaluate what product or service would best suit your needs. Our remote support technology, accountability testing and recovery resource services are designed to provide solutions that support a healthier, more fulfilling, and meaningful life for clients. Let us help you customize and individualize the ITS tools to support a successful path of recovery for your clients.


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Remote breathalyzer, DNA-verified Drug test and GPS monitoring

Continuing Care with Recovery Coaches - Click Here

The hardest day of rehab is often the last day. Our coaches help with the difficult transition.

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Private label the top-rated app on the market.